Frequently Asked Questions

What is Internationalism? (International School)

An International school must possess the following features:

  • Address to the learning requirements of 21st century.
  • Adopt the International Baccalaureate (IB) and /or IGCSE programme from Pre-Group to Grade 12.
  • International standards and International validation.
  • Sensitizing students to global issues such as environment, peace, poverty, conflict, resolution, etc.
  • Internationalism means a school that functions with an International curriculum, irrespective of large campus or large space.
  • An International Curriculum is one which is applicable worldwide in any country & adapts to the culture of that country.
What is the Organizational structure of the School ?
What are the Admission requirements or the Eligibility Criteria?
What are the school timings?
What is the Teacher student Ratio and how many students are there in a class?
Do you have any special arrangement for students with learning difficulties or students with slow learners? If yes,what?
What are the subjects offered at Kindergarten?
What are the facilities provided at school?
What is the mode of communication for a query?
What are the measures adopted for the safety of the child?
What are the co-curricular activities at school?
What is the system of Assessments followed?
How are Parents involved in the school affairs and work as partners of the school?
What do Annual Charges include?
What does the annual school charges not include?
What is the mode of payment for fees?
What is CEAF?