Infrastructure & facilities


  • Classrooms: All the children from Playgroup to Sr KG enjoy spacious, brightly ventilated classes. The classrooms are suitably designed for multi activity teaching. Every class has a different theme and seating to make the child walk in to a new world every year.
  • Free play for social & emotional development: The free play at Little Wonders International is child-driven with adult supervision to facilitate wherever required. Children are allowed to engage in different activities that contribute towards their cognitive, gross motor, fine motor, physical, social & emotional development. They learn to share, resolve conflicts & practice decision making skills. The children remain physically active and healthy as there is lot of running, jumping, biking involved during the Free Play
  • Story time: Story narration using books, puppets etc forms an integral part of our curriculum Purposeful talking during these narrations helps enhance observation and listening skills, creating magic and a sense of wonder at the world.
  • Play for gross motor development: To enhance the physical development involving the larger muscles and their co-ordination, various games like aiming, football, cricket are conducted in various areas of the school like the Big atrium, enclosed and child safe terrace , on the play equipment and in the garden play area.
  • Sand & Water play: The child’s emotional and sensory needs are fulfilled during water and sand play activities.
  • Music and movement: The musical and kinesthetic abilities are developed with a specially designed course suitable for pre-schoolers.
  • Computing and coding: Children start learning about using computers right from Nursery. They begin with mouse movements and then proceed with elevated operations as they move to higher classes. This area enhances spatial learning activities.