Learning at LWI

1. Multiple Intelligence : We believe that all teaching and learning must involve and develop the intelligence to create thinking individuals who get the right developmental learning and are inspired to be independent learners and achievers. Our learning involves three to four of the nine intelligences (linguistic, logical, visual, kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalist, spiritual) evolved by Howard Gardener. The curriculum is designed in such a way that the students are exposed to various experiences that help them realize their strength in learning & also give teachers an opportunity to understand the dynamics of the classroom. The students are able to process information and apply in their day to day life thus making them problem solvers.

2. Blended Learning : As our learning advocates both digital and traditional teaching methods to help students learn better, we encourage the use of a variety of digital teaching tools along with traditional methods of instruction. We use a few apps & games for reinforcement of various concepts taught in the class. Our students are fruitfully engaged as learning is easily accessible in the classrooms.

3. Visits & Visitors : For enriching and expanding the curriculum, strengthening students observation skills, increasing students’ knowledge, increasing their awareness of their surroundings, the children at kindergarten are taken to various places like a post office, fire station, farm house, supermarket, nursery and aquarium. To develop good dining etiquettes, the children are also taken to a restaurant.

4. Festivals to inculcate values : Celebrating all the religious, national & seasonal festivals helps the children to understand the importance of bonding together, sharing joys & celebrating happiness. All the festivals from Holi, Eid, Navroz, Diwali and Christmas are celebrated with great pomp. The children are encouraged to dress up according to the festival and the teacher explains the customs, traditions and rituals attached to the celebrations. The spirit of patriotism and feelings of brotherhood are rekindled as the children celebrate the country's Republic Day and Independence Day. Creative activities conducted during the festival celebration help enhance the importance of the same.

5. Events & Functions : To cherish a child’s bond with his parents, grandparents, friends various events like mommy and daddy meets, grandparents party, annual concert, Mud mania, family tree, experience science are conducted throughout the year. Through these events, the school strengthens the bond with the parents who as a team bring out the best in every child. The convocation ceremony is also one of the important and celebrated events of the year which is conducted for our Sr KG students. This event is special as it marks the closing of the preschool years.

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