Work with us

At Little Wonders International, almost 70 educators strive day in and day out to execute our distinctive concept and inquiry based learning program. They create inspiring learning spaces for more than 600 toddlers aged one to six years old. We enable our young learners to discover their love for learning, and to grow into open-minded and independent individuals. To enable our toddlers to become inquiring, reflective, balanced, and caring risk-takers we look for educators who demonstrate the same qualities.

If this short profile caught your attention because you think it mirrors your personality and your desire to inspire and guide young learners, please have a look at the opportunities to work with us.


Once you have uploaded/sent us your CV we typically respond within two working days, acknowledging the receipt of your application. If we think your profile is suitable, we will initiate the recruitment process within 10 working days of having received your application. Our recruitment workflow will include two interviews, one written assignment, and a demo lesson to be conducted by you if you apply for the position of an educator.

What you can expect at Little Wonders International:

  • An active role in shaping children’s development
  • An opportunity to work in a dynamic, inspiring world class institution
  • An inquiry- and concept based learning approach to work in
  • An environment that values and appreciates creative unit- and lesson planning ideas
  • A highly motivated and passionate team to work with
  • A permanent contract with Provident Fund benefits after probation time
  • Ample opportunities for professional development and growth

Professional Development at Little Wonders International:

As a community, we encourage lifelong learning not only in children but in educators as well. We value teachers’ learning and encourage a steady growth curve amongst faculty and staff. It is our goal to create a workplace that is constantly evolving to go above and beyond international best practices.

To begin with, we ensure that all faculty members have a solid understanding of our concept- and inquiry-based learning approach. We regularly conduct learning engagements geared towards but not limited to classroom management, lesson planning, and reporting requirements.

Our holistic approach to personalised professional teacher education leads to teachers being empowered and responsible for their own learning, passing on their personalised learning experiences to children.

Teacher learning at Little Wonders International is based on three pillars:

  • Workshop based learning: workshops are conducted by thought leaders of different domains throughout the year. Apart from school mandated workshops, teachers are also supported to select and attend workshops aligned to their interest areas.
  • To develop our educator capacity for learning and leadership, we have created Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to support them in their journey of professional growth.
  • Additionally, educators at Little Wonders International participate in taking Classroom Observations of other educators – both, experienced and new. All faculty are challenged to build and improve their classroom practice through peer coaching.

Equal opportunity Employer

It is our mission to build a diverse community of young learners, parents, educators, and staff. Hence we do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity or family composition in the administration of our admissions, recruitment and hiring or any other school-administered programs.